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 Rennes le Chateau

The lords of Rennes's tomb

For years lectures of all kinds have been held in Rennes le Chateau. We were told nice stories, most of the times without many elements of reference . On July 19th, an enthralled audience agreed that things were changing in the Rennes le Chateau affair. For a bit more than two hours, virtual images at last showed us something valuable. There was no need for a debate at the end of the lecture, so rich of information the talk had been.

Mr Saussez (a well known user of the site's message boards who wrote a few words about the soundings) gave us his views as an architect about the church Mary Magdalene. He explained that for a very long time, people had been reading "between the lines" whereas he, simply chose to read the lines themselves.

His whole theory was founded on Saunière's personal documents, the old parish register, the Lescure report, a study on roman and pre roman churches in the area, the diocesan reports, and a personal observation of the church.

Thus Paul Saussez could locate and draw a 3D picture of the lords of Rennes's tomb. He also explained why and how this tomb had remained a secret, how Saunière found it and then concealed it again.

As a conclusion, Mr Saussez was asked 

"What is the probability of such a crypt under the church on a scale from 1 to 10?"

The answer was quite short:

"9.99" said Mr Saussez.

We thank Mr Saussez for allowing us to publish his pictures. Let's get back in time....(clickable images)


1891, Eglise de Rennes le Chateau


1891, Eglise de Rennes le Chateau
1897, we can see on the top left, the original wall
1891, Eglise de Rennes le Chateau
1891, Sauniere remove the old altar and install the new pulpit
1891, Eglise de Rennes le Chateau
1891, Vue from the gallery (Sauniere destroyed it). Old walls
1891, Eglise de Rennes le Chateau
1887, Inside the church.
1891, Eglise de Rennes le Chateau
1887, Before Sauniere. 2 altars, 2 pillars, wall behind the altar
1740, Eglise de Rennes le Chateau
1740, Entrance of thelords. Near the door, the entrance to the crypt. Other entrance inside the church.
1891, Eglise de Rennes le Chateau
1740 Entrance of the tomb.
1740, Eglise de Rennes le Chateau
1740, the crypt
1891, Eglise de Rennes le Chateau
1740, Crypt and 3 entrances
1891, Eglise de Rennes le Chateau
Constructions after 1740.

 All pictures are (c) Paul Saussez, All rights reserved.

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