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Le tourisme dans la région de Rennes le Chateau

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Rennes le Chateau


    Bérenger Saunière    Sauniere Berenger


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Asmodée Asmodeus The Devil.


Alfred Saunière Saunière Alfred

Beranger's brother

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Marie Dénarnaud Denarneau Marie


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Emma Calvé Calve Emma


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Boudet Henri

Rennes les Bains Priest

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l'abbé Gélis Gélis Antoine

Coustaussa Priest, murdered

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Jean Salvator d'Autriche Jean Salvator d'Autriche.


L'abbé Pons

Father doesn’t really belong to the story. He was appointed as a priest in Rennes le Château in 1836. He was a crook who asked money to accomplish miracles and to heal ill people. He was born in 1806.

Monseigneur Billard

Billard Arsène
Felix arsene Billard was born in st Valery en Caux on october 23rd 1829. Started teaching in the school Jom Lambert. Ordained as a priest on october 4th 1853. Appointed as a vicar in St Remy de Dieppe on June 29th 1858. Appointed as a vicar in st Patrice de Rouen on February 2nd 1860. Appointed as a vicar at the cathedral in Rouen on November 14th 1863. Appointed as a curate in Caudebec les Elbeuf on August 1868. Became a canon on January 1st 1877. Appointed in Carcassonne on February 17th 1881. Succeded Monseigneur Leullieux on July 25th 1881.Died on December 12th 1901

La Comtesse de Chambord La Comtesse de Chambord
Hoffet Emile

He spoke several langages, he was a scholar. He was a priest in the church of La Trinité, and a member of the documentation service of Vatican. He wrote a lot about freemasonry and rocicrucians. He published a magazine with the occultist René Guénon : REGNABIT.

Monseigneur de Beauséjour Beauvain de Beausejour Paul-Félix

He was the bishop of Carsassonne in 1902.

Etienne Dujardin-Beaumetz Dujardin Beaumetz Etienne


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