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Marie Dénarnaud

Marie Dénarnaud, Click to enlarge
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Ruin of the house of the Denarnaud

Rennes le Chateau

Marie Denarnaud

She was born on August 12th 1868 in Esperaza. Her parents were Guillaume (04/21/1840-01/28/1930) and Alexandrine Marre (1844-06/19/1928).
She had 3 brothers :
Barthélémy (1872-12/23/1944)
Antoine Dieudonné (12/12/1878-12/24/1878)
Jean (10/12/1881-10/13/1881)
She had a foster sister Julie Fons. She was a hatter in Esperaza. She became Saunière’s faithful servant in 1891. It is said she knew his secret . She owned the whole domain. When he died ,she was left penniless and she had to sell her domain in return for a life annuity to Noel Corbu. She died on January 29th 1953 and she never told anything about the priest’s secret. The villagers called her " the priest’s madonna ".

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