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Le tourisme dans la région de Rennes le Chateau

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 Rennes le Chateau


A treasure is hidden in 12 hiding places in Rennes les Bains and Rennes le Château area.
This theory comes from the interpretation of Father Boudet’s book

Scrolls about genealogy of France kings and Merovigians..
See " scrolls " : the family tree.

A document raising doubts about the Gospel.
Christ didn’t die on the cross but he moved to Rennes with Mary Magdalene whom he married.He had a child with her and died peacefully in Rennes.

The Cathars treasure

The Philosophers’stone

The treasure of the Knight Templars

A UFO base ? ? ? ?

The treasure of the Visigoths
This treasure was brought back to their capital :Toulouse,after Roma was sacked.Because of the Franks,Visigoths made Rhédae their capital and brought their treasure with them( ?)Roma treasure wasn’t found in Toulouse.The Frank Frédégiaire checked it.As the Franks were invading the South,the Visigothsmoved to Tolede(Spain).Tolede was invaded by the Arabs and El Macin who counted the treasure didn’t find any Roman treasure.Could it have been left in Rennes ?

The Ark of the Covenant
Pierre Silvain told us in his book thaht the Ark was hidden near Arques by the templars.

Jesus Christ’s grave
Two Englishmen think Jesus was buried in Rennes under Cardou Mount because according to them Cardou comes from Corpus Christi. In occitan (langue d’oc language) Cardou means chardons (thistle).
Pierre Silvain told us tah the tomb of Christ is hidden under the white mine near the city of God (Aleth)



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