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Among all the signatures, we can see also the one of Camille Flammarion.


Rennes le Chateau, Emma Calvé, Supérieur Inconnu

and also the one of Stanislas de Gaïta.

Rennes le Chateau, Emma Calvé, Supérieur Inconnu

Rennes le Chateau

Emma Calve, Superieur Inconnu

For a long time now there have been many authors who have explored the hypotheses that Emma Calve was a member of esoteric groups or secret society. In this document made in Paris on November 11th, 1892, at the cabaret "chat noir", we can see the sign of Emma Calve, just before one sign of SI, Supérieur Inconnu, the third degree of the Martinist Order.

Rennes le Chateau, Emma Calvé, Supérieur Inconnu

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