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Boudet's card


Boudet's card

Tombs nowadays

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P.U de Fleury

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l'abbé Jean Vié


Rennes le Chateau

Father Boudet

Jean Jacques Henri Boudet was born on 16/11/1837 in Quillan. He entered the seminary in Carcassonne and got a degree in english. He was ordained as a priest on December 25th 1861. He was the priest of Rennes les Bains (447 inhabitants) from 1872 to 1914. He was a scholar who mastered perfectly greek,latin ,english and saxon.

He succeeded Jean Vié.It is said that he saw very much Father Saunière .His behaviour raised questions. He changed the date of the death of Jean Vié on his tombstone.In the cemetary 2 graves bear the same name. : Count Paul Urbain de Fleury (Marchionness of Blanchefort’s grandson).

He was buried in Axat,and his grave is also strange : there are the figures 31OXI… As he had written a small book it could mean 310pages and chapter ,or page11.

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We can’t exactly know what part he played in the story. There were many rumours . Some said he was the instigator of the whole story ,said he brought Saunière’s wealth… His accountsbook shows he has given 3 679 431 francs.

His book The true celtic langage and Rennes les Bains’s megalith was published in 1886. Its 310 pages are quite crazy and full of paradoxes : The publisher François Pomies wrote the date 1886,now,Pomies publications closed in 1880 ! !

La vraie langue celtique

Moreover,there was only one edition of this book,but 2 versions of the map inside,one was made by Edmond Boudet,a lawyer in Axat who was the priest’s brother.

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P.U de Fleury's tomb

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Jean Vie's tomb

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